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5 Powerful Advantages of Mobile Device Management for Your Business

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5 Powerful Advantages of Mobile Device Management for Your BusinessBusinesses already had enough work just keeping up with their company’s desktop computers, but now with the growing use of mobile devices, smart phones and tablets have become a business necessity. That’s a lot more technology to manage.

Have you been trying to keep up with the growing use of mobile devices by your employees? Our Business Consulting Team at Unity IT often helps our clients create and maintain continuity across their staff’s devices and ensure data is never lost, no matter which device it’s created on. We’ve seen the benefits of mobile device management software in action.

Did you know? Companies that use mobile management experience 20% less downtime.

According to Information Age, organizations that use unified mobile management monitoring have 20% less downtime and 25% faster repair times.

Whether you use a BYOD (bring your own device) approach or issue mobile devices of your own to employees, it’s important to keep everyone on the same page and keep control over any of your company’s data that may be on those devices.

This is where mobile device management comes in. It allows you to stay in control of multiple devices at a user level, control the security of the data they have access to, and ensure continuity between different device types (Android, iOS, Windows).

Business Advantages of Using Mobile Device Management

While desktop computers are still a mainstay in most offices, the use of mobile devices has skyrocketed in recent years. Many employees use tablets and smart phones for at least part of their work each day, even if just to check emails while away from their main computer.

Platforms like Office 365 and Salesforce have engineered their products to work seamlessly across multiple devices with mobile apps, so people can stay productive while traveling or working remotely.

With all those mobile devices running around, without a central management plan, it can be challenging to keep up with them. For example, what happens if an employee’s tablet gets lost or stolen and the login access to your company files is saved on that device?

A mobile device management software can give you the ability to immediately and remotely wipe or lock the device or disable any company related passwords.

Here’s an overview of what mobile management is:

  • Control and secure tablets, smart phones, and other endpoints
  • Enforce security and compliance policies across devices
  • Facilitate file syncing and sharing device to device
  • Manage identity access to mobile devices

Now, let’s get into the 5 big advantages of using this type of system to manage your staff’s tablets and smartphones.

  1. Control Apps or Webpage Content

Whether you’re in a training environment or have field workers that only use their mobile devices for one specific purpose, controlling the access to apps and/or webpage access can ensure focus on the given task.

With mobile device management you have the ability to set up single or multi-app kiosks that control which apps the device can access. You can do the same with a website and lock the website to a specific device and disable access to other sites or apps. You can choose which websites or apps are accessible by the device, such as your company website and CRM app.

  1. Automatic Compliance Checks

Physically checking multiple devices for compliance can be time consuming. With mobile device management, you get real-time visibility and in-depth analytics that sense compliance violations before they happen. The devices on your network are continuously monitored and your administrator will receive instant alerts if any device falls out of compliance.

Compliance information you can receive includes:

  • The mobile device management profile being present
  • Passcode compliance
  • Application compliance
  • Profile compliance
  • Data protection enabled

The management console allows you to view the specific compliance issue found and take steps to resolve it.

  1. Remote Manageability

You’ve decided to use a new team communication app like Slack, but how do you easily deploy that on everyone’s tablets and phones without the time-consuming task of setting each up physically? The remote access that a mobile device management program gives you makes a task like this easy.

Your administrator can access devices remotely to deploy in-house or other apps. Devices can also be locked or wiped remotely, and if a user has forgotten their passcode, all they have to do is call the admin, and their device can be unlocked remotely.

  1. Managing Expense

Have you ever had a staff member accidentally go over your company’s data use limit? Are you worried that if you give everyone company tablets that social media sites might eat up more data use that you want?

With mobile device management, you can receive detailed reports on data use, both Wi-Fi and cellular to make sure work devices are being used properly. You can also limit data usage per device and restrict the data use of apps that aren’t work related. This ability to clearly see how the devices are being used can help you reduce costs and choose the most effective cellular plans for your company.

  1. Easy Messaging to Everyone at Once

You’ve got an important meeting coming up and want to make sure your sales team is there. You could individually email them all, but wouldn’t it be easier to send out a one-way alert to all their phones?

The management platform allows you to avoid the distractive back and forth texting of everyone responding “OK” to a group text by giving you the ability to sent a one-way message to any user, a defined group of users, or all user mobile devices from the administrative panel to facilitate important messages.

Want to Learn More about Setting up Mobile Device Management?

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