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Are you backing up your data?

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An executive in the background with his computer in the foreground Companies lose tons of data every day simply because they haven’t backed it up. You may be too busy to think about it, but it really is important. So what are the easiest ways to backup your data?

  1. Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud
  2. Google Drive, Dropbox, and iCloud are just some of the options that provide services to sync your data on a single folder on your computer. The best part about these services is they update files as they change. Even if you accidentally delete something, these services have a 30-day backup option. The only problem is if you don’t notice the file is missing until it’s too late – then what?

  3. Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure
  4. Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure are store massive amount of data like a local hard drive that you access through the internet. These services won’t sync automatically so you’ll have to go in and back up the data you need to backup on a regular basis.

  5. iDrive, Acronis True Image, SpiderOak ONE, etc
  6. There are tons of cloud backup programs to choose from. These cloud backup program work in the background and update files as they’re changed. They even keep earlier versions of files in case you need those instead.

Even with these backup services, it’s a good idea to have your files in more than one place, preferably accessible from three different locations.

Unity IT offers data backup and recovery services

We use a unique system that automatically and regularly backs up all your vital information. Then, your data gets stored on a secure off-site server. If you happen to lose your data as a result of human error, criminal activity, or natural disaster, we will recover your data quickly and without hassle. Getting set up now with secure backup from Unity IT is much cheaper than trying to recover or recreate data lost without proper backup – if it’s even possible. It’s just that simple.

A robust data backup and recovery plan will enable you to:

  • Fresno Data Protection

    Plan for the future

    When fire, theft, or other unforeseeable emergencies arise, you can breathe easy knowing you are prepared and protected.

  • Fresno Data Backup And Recovery

    Safeguard and defend your business

    Secure backup from Unity IT protects your data, network, and systems from hacking or virus threats.

  • Data Backup And Recovery In Fresno

    Manage Future Recovery Time Now

    Data loss happens. Proactive backup and recovery planning now will save you time – and money – down the road.

Regardless of your business size, you need dependable data backup and recovery.

Unity IT provides a complete data protection suite that we tailor to your company.

Let’s get started now and prevent the unexpected from ruining your business.

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