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Unity IT offers a full range of technology and computer support for Fresno businesses.

Computer Services in Fresno

Great technology and technical support is something that every single business needs, regardless of size or industry. The need itself is universal, but the needs aren’t. No two businesses have the exact same requirements or face the exact same challenges, which is something Unity IT knows firsthand.

Finding the right technology and computer services for your Fresno business starts with figuring out the right questions to ask. Questions like ‘what do I need my IT to be able to do for me?’, ‘what level of support do I need to have access to in order to get the most out of my technology?’, and ‘what do I want to achieve long-term through investments in new technology?’.

Regardless of where your business currently stands or where you plan to take your business in the future, chances are the answers to those questions will bring you to the same conclusion – break/fix technology and computer support just isn’t enough to keep up with today’s IT needs. Reliable, responsive, and innovative outsourced technology and computer support is the perfect solution for businesses that aren’t capable of supporting a top-tier internal IT department – and it’s what Unity IT does best.

Our ability to offer unparalleled technology and computer support to Fresno businesses through our Managed Services offerings has given the Unity IT team the opportunity to work with a wide range of fantastic local businesses and allowed us to build a solid base of knowledge and experience our tech can share with our clients. We know how to support your business in exactly the way your individual business requires.

By offering you solutions that fit your circumstances, budget, and future goals, Unity IT gives Fresno businesses the critical technology tools needed to thrive, grow, and succeed in today’s competitive marketplace. We do more than just provide basic computer services – we look after your technology from end-to-end.

And if your business needs support that’s a little less hands-on? We’ve got that covered, too. A lot of small businesses would happily hire a full-time internal IT support person if they had the means to, while others haven’t grown quite big enough to warrant investing in an around the clock IT and computer services support person or provider just yet. But that doesn’t mean your business doesn’t need professional and experienced IT support. For those Fresno businesses, Unity IT is happy to offer hourly IT support that offers help when you need it, only as long and as often as you need it.

Technology is such a fundamental part of today’s businesses that it’s all but impossible to get by without some type of computer services helping you to keep things running smoothly. Whether you have five employees or fifty, you still need to have the right hardware and software in place to help your staff give your customers the best service and experience possible. You need to be able to keep track of inventory and sales orders, manage your finances and payroll, connect with clients and associates, share data efficiently and securely, and keep the sensitive information your business relies on safe from cyber threats.

Maintaining good cyber security is essential for any business, as any business could become the victim of a malware infection or data breach. Recovering from one of these incidents is often a long and costly process, and depending on the severity of the situation and your ability to recover and data that was stolen or lost, your business might not be able to recover at all.

Many businesses still think of computer services as a “something’s broke so let’s fix it and move on” type of service, where IT professionals are only needed to deal with a problem no one in your office can figure out. The reality is that with technology playing such a central role in day-to-day operations, waiting for something to go wrong is very often waiting too long. Workplace technology has grown far beyond a couple of computers and a printer; today’s technology is mobile, connected, and complex. Keeping all of that technology in good working order and protecting it from the myriad of issues that can damage employee productivity and cause your profits to take a hit is a full-time job.

Unity IT is ready to step in and manage your Fresno business’ technology in whatever capacity is needed to keep your business moving forward. We have the experience and expertise required to help you get the most out of your technology investments, and to help you and your team make better use of the resources at your disposal.

Ready to learn more about the best computer service provider in Fresno? Get in touch with the Unity IT team today at or (559) 297-1007 . We’re the computer services professionals Fresno businesses trust.

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