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Who Can Guarantee Computer Support in Fresno That Meets the Strictest Industry Standards? 

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Unity IT certainly can! We have the right level of collective expertise, qualifications and client dedication that meets those standards (such as those of the ITI), and which allows us to look you in the eye, shake your hand, and consistently deliver the kind of computer support Fresno businesses require in 2017 to keep them data-secure, competitive, and globally connected.

If you’re clued into the IT world at all, you know that just one minute of data center downtime can spell problems – let alone the average downtime period of three days, which can mean certain financial disaster.

Unity IT, accordingly, has all the tools and means to guarantee you maximum uptime and avoid such scenarios.

This is why our standards for computer tech support in Fresno are so strict.

All it takes is one computer on your network to poison the well, as it were. A ransomware infection is a perfect example of this. That’s why we employ a network-wide security fortress for our computer IT support clients, which acts as an impenetrable fortress of internal and external security.

Do you offer managed IT services, and if so, what do they consist of?

Absolutely! We’re one of Fresno’s leading providers of managed IT services for small businesses, local government, educational and non-profit organizations. We provide managed-service computer technical support in Fresno, Clovis, Visalia, and Madera CA.

Our IT managed services consist of everything you would expect (and likely more) and are included in our Managed Service Plans. These plans include:

  • No hidden or implied fees – everything on the table.
  • Failure-mitigating computer service.
  • Unlimited help desk support.
  • Both onsite and remote support.
  • Help with projects, moves adds, changes, and much more!

And, with us, “unlimited” truly means “unlimited.” Our managed services agreements include 100% of all necessary IT service. You won’t find any surprise bills from us, ever.

What other kinds of computer support services do you provide?

Really, we give you the best alternative to “computer repair services,” in that you don’t have to wait for your PC, laptop, or another device to break, then take it to a “computer guy” for yet another computer fix.

With Unity IT, you can avoid the endless “break-fix” cycle and instead enjoy the advantages of having best-in-class advanced technology keeping your business network safe from invaders or disasters of all types in the first place!

That’s great! When can we get started with your Fresno computer support services?

Whenever you give us the green light! If you’re ready to receive computer services that meet the strictest IT industry standards, then contact us at (559) 297-1007 or to get started with fixed-fee computer support in Fresno that delivers long-term computer IT support that won’t fail you!

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