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Which Technologies Can Help CPA Firms Be More Successful?

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Which Technologies Can Help CPA Firms Be More Successful?

While many industries use similar technology for things like word processing or cloud backups, if you’re not also using custom IT tools that match what you do every day, you could be less productive than others in your field.

One specialty that Unity IT works with often is Certified Public Accounts (CPAs). We understand that CPAs need IT consulting and services that understand what they do and are designed to help them do it better.

Not only are we one of the few IT firms in the Fresno, Visalia, Clovis, and Madera area that specializes in custom IT support for CPA firms, we also keep abreast of new trends in the industry, so we can keep our clients in the know.

What are some of the key technologies that CPA firms need to help them be more productive and profitable? Read on for those, plus… some of the new trends in accounting IT that you need to know about.

Important IT Needs for CPA Firms

Technology is not only changing how we do our work, it’s changing customer expectations. Remember when you used to be able to get things by fax and no one expected an answer until tomorrow? With email and contact forms, customers expect an answer in hours, if not minutes.

And that’s just one example. In our “2-day shipping” world, everyone expects to wait less and get more, which can put stress on any CPA firm working to keep up and still do a thorough, thoughtful job for their clients.

72% of small business owners say they changed their CPA firm because they did not give proactive advice. (Introhive)

The key to staying ahead without going crazy is the right technology, which can automate tasks, and help you not only assist your clients with their accounting needs, but also keep a step ahead of them, anticipating their next ones.

So, let’s take a look at some of the key technology and IT services that can help your CPA firm be as successful as possible.

Remote Access to Files

Mobile technology has changed the way we work, and CPAs and their staff are more mobile than ever. Something that our CPA Support Team at Unity IT sets up often for our clients is a system to ensure they have remote access to their files and software packages from anywhere.

Remote access makes it easy to pull up files on the fly when you’re visiting a client or just have the flexibility to work from home while still having access to everything you need.

Flexible Data Security

When you’re working with client’s financial records, security and encryption are key to any type of technology you’re using. Whether it’s a cloud-based accounting software or email program.

CPAs in this day and age require that security to be flexible so data is easily portable. Unity IT’s combination of data protection, mobility, and encryption solutions are exactly what CPAs need.

e-Signature Tools

A lot of time can be spent tracking down people’s signatures on financial documents. Someone’s scanner isn’t working or they’re on the road and out of the office… these types of roadblocks can make simple tasks take much longer than they should.

Tax software that includes the ability to use e-signatures can cut down on the hassle and save a lot of time.

Automation (Trend)

One of the top trends in the financial industry is automation. It can cut hours of data input by automatically importing data and reduce the time it takes to track documents and projects through a workflow.

You can have an automation that alerts the appropriate staff when the “ball is in their court” on a particular client project, so no time is lost moving it onto the next team member.

Cloud Services (Trend)

Another of the trends that has created major change in the accounting industry is cloud-based accounting software and services. Increased security has overcome the initial fears of working with a cloud-based system.

Security can actually be stronger when you’re working with a cloud software because no individual computer has all those accounting files on it, and you can control user access with a few keystrokes.

Working with a CPA IT Specialist

If you’re working with a general IT service provider that doesn’t have staff that specialize in the needs of CPA firms, you might end up with someone that doesn’t fully understand the software you use and can’t properly advise you on the best tech tools for your needs.

Not only does Unity IT specialize in IT for accounting professionals, we also understand the filing deadlines and work with CPA staff to eliminate interruptions during critical high demand periods.

We’re very familiar with multiple software solutions used by CPAs including:

  • QuickBooks
  • Sage Products
  • Lacerte
  • Thomson Reuters
  • OfficeTools
  • CFS Tax Software

Ready to Super Power Your CPA Firm?

Unity IT can give you the technology tools you need to super power your CPA firm. We can help you increase your flexibility and use automation to do more in less time.

Call us today for a free consultation at 559-297-1007 or contact us online anytime.

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