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We Heard A Rumor About A New IT Services Company…

As a fellow Fresno business, we know that if we don’t put forth the best effort we possibly can for the businesses we support, those businesses can’t put forth their best effort for their customers.

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We heard a rumor about a new IT services company coming to Fresno. Have you heard it, too?

New businesses open up all the time, and just like how you keep tabs on businesses in your industry stepping into the local marketplace, we like to keep tabs on new developments within the Fresno IT landscape. That’s not to say we don’t like the idea of new competitors – it’s always been important to us that businesses of all sizes have options available to them that allow for all of their needs to be met. However, we know that like technology itself, new doesn’t always automatically mean better.

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Part of what makes great IT support great is having people in your corner who are familiar with your business, and the specific challenges that each business faces. More often than not, those challenges are created by a unique blend of factors that have as much to do with your customers, your competitors, and your environment as they do your field of expertise. Even cookie-cutter franchises need to adapt to the local demographics to be successful, which can change the way things like IT support need to be approached.

IT may not be rocket science, but we know firsthand that the right approach makes all the difference. While we’ve heard good things about this Redding, CA-based company that’s taking an interest in potentially expanding their operations to Fresno, it goes without saying that the right kind of experience goes a very long way. We know that part of what makes Unity IT stand out from other IT providers in the area is the fact that we’ve always been right here in Fresno – a Fresno-based business looking after other Fresno-based businesses.

It’s why we feel confident offering guidance and advice along with our technology support services. We know that we’re giving the businesses we work with the best possible advantages by recommending the right solutions, the right vendors, and the right investments based on what will help them get ahead of their local competition. More than that, we take a great deal of pride in helping to better our community by supporting the businesses and entities that support that community.

That’s why when we heard a rumor about a new IT services company potentially coming to Fresno, we knew we didn’t want to ignore it. We’ve worked hard over the years to provide our clients with dedicated and personalized IT support services, and have always strived to go the extra mile to make sure that the needs of the businesses we serve are met quickly and efficiently. We don’t believe in making any business wait around for a resolution to their technology problems, making recommendations that don’t benefit your business, or taking shortcuts to close service calls faster.

As a fellow Fresno business, we know that if we don’t put forth the best effort we possibly can for the businesses we support, those businesses can’t put forth their best effort for their customers. Lackluster service leads to lackluster service, and that has the potential to cause problems for a lot of people. We recognize that we’re often the first domino in this scenario, and that is a responsibility we take very seriously.

Unity IT was founded on the belief that small and mid-sized businesses deserve top notch IT support and should be treated as a priority by their support provider. It’s why our team is made up of technology professionals with a wide range of skills and certifications, and why we approach each and every new client and new project with the utmost professionalism. The size of your business shouldn’t dictate how well you and your staff are treated or limit the kinds of IT solutions offered to you. The latest advancements in technology have leveled the playing field, giving even the smallest business access to the same types of solutions as a major corporation.

The simple fact that Unity IT has been a part of the Fresno business community for more than a decade makes our promise to treat every client like our most important client that much more meaningful. We’re not just another IT support company looking to open up a new office and bring in more clients. Each and every member of the Unity IT team is a part of the local community. We’re neighbors, friends, and even customers of the incredible businesses and business owners we support. Our dedication to providing great IT support is about more than just providing a needed service; it’s about helping businesses to meet goals and reach new heights of success.

Small businesses are essentially by definition local businesses – and so are we. Who better to help your local business grow and thrive than a team of hardworking professionals who’ve already done just that?

Find out more about the industry-leading IT support services we offer to local Fresno businesses by getting in touch with Unity IT at or (559) 297-1007 today. We’re the dedicated IT professionals Fresno businesses have trusted since 2004.

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