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Managed IT Service Trends for 2018

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As a managed IT service provider, it’s important to keep up with the current managed IT service trends for 2018 in order to know what marketing to focus on. Here are the top managed IT service trends for 2018.

  1. Increase in Cloud Computing
  2. A report by IDC states that worldwide spending on cloud computing is expected to increase to $266 billion by 2021. This data is changing how purchases are being made and providing opportunities for managed service providers.

  3. Move from Private to Public Infrastructure
  4. Private clouds cost a lot more because they have the benefit of sophisticated virtualization, technical automation, resource monitoring, and more. But companies can save a lot of money by switching to a public cloud. Some companies are even using a hybrid cloud to get the benefits of both.

  5. Higher Need for Managed Service Providers
  6. Companies are looking for complete technical support and migration in addition to the basic implementation services.

  7. Bundled IT Solutions
  8. Since cloud computing is growing so rapidly, managed IT service providers have been offering bundled solutions. Further down the road, bundled solutions will be an effective way to upsell and cross-sell services.

  9. Increased Security
  10. With the cloud, mobile, and social technologies advancing, the managed IT service industry has to keep up with security to ward off external threats. Security will need to include antivirus and phishing protection, cloud infrastructure protection, networks, and web applications and mobile devices.

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