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7 Vital Components of System Monitoring and Why It’s Critical to Your Business!

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When it comes to computers, servers, and networks, you don’t want to take a “no news is good news” approach. Too often, people get busy with their day to day tasks, relying on critical software and hardware to work properly, but with no system monitoring in place to catch an issue before it impacts their business.

Most of us would never think of driving our car around and never changing the oil until it broke down. There’s a monitoring system built in that alerts us proactively when it’s time to change the oil. It’s a vital function in a car, and computers need the same type of monitoring to make sure all their components stay in good working condition.

Computer downtime cost the average business $1,500 per minute.

When a server or network goes down, it can cost you dearly. According to Rand Group, the average business loses $100,000 per hour of downtime. The cost to have your systems monitored against threats and failures is a tiny fraction of that, not even close. Think of it as somewhat on par with the price of an oil change compared to the cost of having to buy a new car.

Unity IT Managed Services include hands-on monitoring of multiple system components to ensure your technology runs smoothly and you don’t have any unpleasant surprises or suffer costly downtime.

What Does an Unmonitored, At Risk System Look Like?

We’ll share one of our cyber-rescue stories to give you an idea of what a system at risk of viruses, cyberthreats, and hardware or software failures can look like.

We recently started providing Managed Services to a new client and quickly discovered their servers and desktops had not been monitored… in a very long time. After installing our monitoring agent, we immediately found multiple failed hard drives, failed power supplies, and bad batteries.

Their systems had not been updated in over a year, and some had not been rebooted in that time. It was a system at risk for a failure at any time and one open to all sorts of cyberthreats.

We were able to fix the issues and provide proper ongoing monitoring to track performance, availability, and stability of the system to keep it running like a fine-tuned machine, along with our client’s business.

7 Vital Components of System Monitoring

Our philosophy at Unity IT is being proactive, not reactive. That means providing our clients with state-of-the-art network monitoring 24/7 to catch and address any issue before it negatively impacts your business.

System monitoring means keeping an eye on several vital components that all work in concert to keep all the technology you use from your desktops to your server to your website up and running. One bad link can bring down the whole system.

Here are the seven critical components we monitor:

  • Hardware level events
  • Operating system components
  • Event & security logs
  • Backups
  • Antivirus alerts
  • System updates
  • Scheduled maintenance

Now let’s take a look at each one of those and why it’s important.

Hardware Level Events

Keeping your hardware healthy is important in order to get ahead of any potential crash threats. Monitoring of hardware level events includes things like ensuring there’s enough hard drive space, identifying file directory issues, and addressing performance-limiting effects.

Operating System Components

Besides the hardware itself, the operating system is perhaps the next most important aspect of keeping your technology running. Monitoring makes sure that the operating system is interacting with your hardware correctly and there are no software conflicts.

Event & Security Logs

Think of event and security logs as the main “Captain’s log” for your computer. These include alerts and notifications of any significant occurrence in the system or a program. They also include security-related events like login/logout activity.


When you’ve lost data and need to replace it right away, is not the time you want to find out that your system hasn’t been backing up for a month. Backup monitoring ensures that your backup system is working as it should and backing up everything you need.

Antivirus Alerts

Has your software been picking up an increase in virus attacks? If you’re not monitoring antivirus alerts, you may not even realize you’re the target of a hacker. Monitoring antivirus alerts is essential to keeping your system safe from cyberattacks.

System Updates

Those system updates can be annoying, but they’re vital to the health of your computer, server, and network. System updates often include security patches and things that improve system functionality. They can also include new features that will aid productivity.

Scheduled Maintenance

When’s the last time you deleted internet temp files or ran a disk clean up? These are just a couple of the regularly scheduled maintenance items that any good system monitoring service will include. It’s like regular housekeeping to keep a system running at peak performance.

Looking for Reliable and Tailored 24/7 System Monitoring?

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