Pay As You Grow Service

Hourly support for when you just need a little IT help from the professionals.

The cost of hiring, training and maintaining a full-time IT technician can be staggering.

Competitive pay, employee benefits, and ongoing education are just the tip of the iceberg and can add up to thousands monthly. That’s a lot!

But even if they had the money to hire IT staff, many small businesses don’t know what qualification’s to demand or what questions to ask. It’s all just too much trouble.

That’s where Unity IT comes in!

We’re here for you as you grow – a few hours at a time.

We offer a professional and friendly team of experts who will work together to exceed your expectations and benefit your company.

Unity IT has the knowledge, expertise, and integrity needed to meet all of your IT needs. We guarantee that we’ll save you money. 

Unity IT has some GUARANTEES for you.

Are you stressed out by IT?

The experience and tech support that you will get from Unity IT will be absolutely unbeatable. Make your life simpler – Click below to schedule a Free Consultation, or just give us a call.

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