How Can I Get the Most from My VoIP Phone System? (Tips & Tricks)

How Can I Get the Most from My VoIP Phone System? (Tips & Tricks) There was a time when most business owners shied away from VoIP phone systems, but with multiple advancements in internet speed and cloud computing technology, VoIP quality has improved significantly and so have adoption rates. The number of business VoIP users is forecast to reach 350 million by 2020. It’s no wonder that small and large businesses alike are switching to VoIP because it’s significantly less expensive than traditional analog phone systems and fits perfectly into company mobility and business continuity plans. We see many businesses in the Fresno and Clovis area revolutionizing how they communicate with customers by switching over to VoIP phone systems. And instead of losing features, most of them end up gaining them once they adopt internet-based phones. One other thing we find is that some companies are only using the basics of their VoIP system simply because they don’t know everything that’s possible. So, if you use VoIP phone software or are thinking about getting it, read on for our tips on getting the most from your service.

Tips to Help You Take Full Advantage of Your VoIP Phones

Cost savings, mobility, and easy scalability are all great advantages of cloud-based phone systems, but these systems come with so many more features. Here are some of the most helpful ways to utilize your VoIP system beyond just making and answering calls.

Set Calls to Follow You

A big advantage of VoIP phones is that they can be answered from anywhere. There’s no need to let calls go to your voicemail and have to check it later, when you can set up call forwarding to automatically follow you when you leave the office and ring to your mobile phone or another device. VoIP also allows you to set up simultaneous rings to both your computer and smartphone if you prefer, so you can choose which is most convenient to answer.

Use Your Virtual Receptionist

A time-saving feature that can also make callers think your company is larger than you are is the auto-attendant, or virtual receptionist. You can set up distinct greetings that help the caller choose which department or person they need and then automatically route calls making call handling more efficient for both you and your callers.

Establish Calling Groups

Rather than have to give out a separate number for each person in your shipping department, give out a general shipping department number that will ring to people in the order you set them, or to everyone at once. Using call groups makes it easier for a caller to be taken care of because if one person in the calling group isn’t available, the call automatically looks for another group member that’s available. This reduces missed calls and the frustration for a caller of having to leave a message or go back to the main receptionist to try another number.

Voicemail to Email or Text

Everyone has those day or weeks when they’re just too busy to listen to their voicemail. Then the thought of having to listen to a ton of messages and write each one down, makes you want to just “accidentally” hit the delete button. Make voicemail more efficient by setting up your VoIP to email or text you a transcribed message of your voicemail. Today’s systems can do this automatically due to excellent voice recognition software. Receiving the voice mail in text format allows you to see immediately if it’s a call you need to return or one that can wait, and you no longer have to write them all down.

Call Screening to Reduce Spam Calls

Another great VoIP feature that allows you to get a handle on the calls coming in and screen out the ones that are spam is call screening. You can set your system up to reject certain calls, such as those annoying robocalls, so you and your team aren’t having their time wasted or attention taken away from a task at hand. Your auto-receptionist can be configured to ask for a caller’s name, so they’re identified before being connected to you. Screening features also include Caller ID that includes telemarketers’ hidden numbers, which makes it easier to add them to a blocked list. Bonus feature: If you can’t take a call right away, you can type a quick response or use a text-to-speech default message that the auto-receptionist will give the caller.

Set Up the Mobile Apps

While it may seem obvious to some that they can use their VoIP service not only on smartphones but also tablets and wearables (like Apple Watch), not everyone thinks of this when they’re first getting started. VoIP software comes with their own apps that allow you to make and receive calls from mobile devices, and do other things too, such as:
  • Send and receive faxes
  • Configure your phone system settings
  • Access notifications and voicemails
  • Bypass your mobile carrier when making calls
  • Receive calls both locally and internationally

Learn More About the Advantages of VoIP Phone Systems

Switching over to VoIP phones at your office is easier and more affordable than you may think. Unity IT can help you with setup, training and support and we can configure all those awesome features for you, like the virtual receptionist and call groups. Call us today to learn more at 559-297-1007 or reach out online.