What is Microsoft Viva Sales & When Is It Available?

What is Microsoft Viva Sales & When Is It Available?

Employees in today’s workspace are more demanding than ever before. They require much more from employers, including software, location, and work time. The most prominent advocates for this demand were those in sales.

To address this demand, Microsoft just released the Viva Sales application, which would reinvent the seller experience while increasing efficiency.

Microsoft created Viva Sales as a wholly integrated platform for the seller experience that combines expertise, training, objectives, and impressions. It includes various features and advantages and is the first Viva application created especially for sellers.

What is Microsoft Viva Sales?

Viva Sales is a software built on the 2021 Microsoft Viva, which helps in automating data entry and gives sellers using Microsoft Teams/365 AI-powered intelligence. It also interfaces with any seller’s CRM. With AI and customer engagement data, Viva Sales will improve a CRM system, enabling salespeople to interact with customers more naturally.

With the help of Viva Sales, sellers can continue working as they gather inputs from all of Microsoft 365, do away with entering data manually, and get AI-driven tips and reminders. Viva Sales presents the insights intending to enhance the seller’s experience within the appropriate context and with the time-saving technologies that salespeople already employ, giving the organization a more comprehensive perspective of the client. 

Features of Microsoft Viva Sales 

  • It gives techniques for increasing productivity and information on what sales leadership needs: Viva Sales will immediately create a database of customers with all the information about the customer when a seller tags a customer in the Microsoft Teams or 365 apps while working. This makes it simpler for sellers to provide information to team members without having to search it up or retype it.
  • AI and data-powered software: Viva Sales suggests actions to move a client through the sales process, prioritizing work using the strategy. It enables sellers to get comprehensive histories and documentation of client interactions. Its real-time data gives a more thorough comprehension of the customer’s buying journey and the following steps to advance it.
  • It aids merchants in increasing client interaction: Actionable reminders, improved follow-ups, and strategies for increasing sales are all part of the AI-driven solutions. With the aid of Context IQ, Viva Sales helps sellers save time and keep the work flowing by ensuring that pertinent content is integrated across Microsoft products and services, including Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365.
  • It eliminates manual data entry: Small business owners don’t need to manually enter data while using Viva Sales to collect insights from Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365. After that, they can continue their regular work while getting AI-driven reminders and recommendations. 

In addition to saving time and giving sellers a more comprehensive understanding of their clients, Viva Sales will surface the insights in the context, and within the tools salespeople already use.

When Does Viva Sales Launch?

Microsoft notes that the app will be available in Q4 of 2022. Customers of Dynamics 365 will get free access to it upon its debut. The app became available for a public preview last month and will go live later this year. In the future, it will be pre-integrated with Salesforce. The requirements for using the Microsoft Viva Sales app include Microsoft 365/Teams and a preferred CRM system. 

Reasons to Consider Viva Sales

While still using the resources at their disposal, sellers can do their duties while gaining the expertise required for sales leadership. Sellers can tag customers while still working in Teams, Office programs like Excel, or Outlook. Viva Sales will instantly add the information to the customer record. After that, it will add all pertinent customer-related information to the record. You can then share the data with team members to collaborate in Teams and Office without re-entering it.

Retailers would have quick and simple access to a far richer understanding of where each consumer is in the buying process. 

As a consumer moves across the sales funnel, Viva Sales will suggest the following actions based on data and AI. In addition to giving merchants access to complete history and documentation of client interactions, it will assist them in setting priorities for their work and determining the necessary subsequent use of real-time customer data.

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