4 Reasons Managed IT Services are Vital for Freelancers & Remote Employees

4 Reasons Managed IT Services are Vital for Freelancers & Remote Employees

The workforce has gone through a big transformation over the last few years, which has been accelerated by the pandemic. This transformation includes a “work from anywhere” transition for businesses and a move to more freelancing.

Some statistics that illustrate this change in how and where we work are:

  • 74% of organizations plan to shift employees to permanent remote work
  • Between 2014 and 2019, the percentage of full-time freelancers grew from 17% to 28%
  • By the end of 2020, the U.S. workforce is expected to be made up of 48% freelance workers

There are a number of reasons for this transition, which involve both cost savings and the flexibility enabled by cloud technologies, such as:

  • Companies have lower overhead with remote workers
  • Companies are outsourcing more, creating more freelance jobs
  • Freelancers often make more working independently than for an employer
  • Employee productivity is markedly higher for remote workers
  • Remote workers tend to take less sick or personal days off
  • Businesses can remain resilient and operational by using remote workers in the face of a crisis

But this work move away from office environments to homes, means that it’s also important to look at IT consulting and support differently.

No matter where computers and processes are happening, devices and networks still need support. Users run into the same issues with patch management, software glitches, and other IT problems. Fresno businesses also need to expand how network and device security is handled.

And while businesses will typically see the importance of managed IT services for their in-office hardware and network, they don’t often realize that it’s just as important for computers in remote worker homes. 

Likewise, freelancers are often relying solely on their computer for their income. If anything goes wrong, they could be facing costly consequences, without any backup support, if they don’t have an IT support provider.

Benefits of Managed IT for At-Home Workers (Remote & Freelancers)

Improved Productivity

The average employee spends 22 minutes per day dealing with technology issues. And for a remote worker that could be even longer because they’re cut off from in-office help.

For a freelancer that makes approximately $25 per hour, losing an average of 30 minutes per day due to technology problems means an income loss of $250 per month due to less productivity.

With managed services support, at-home employees and freelancers have access to remote tech support when they need it. At Unity IT, we offer it through a monthly plan or hourly IT support that’s flexible to meet any budget.

You Reduce the Risk of a Security Problem

20% of organizations have already reported a security breach due to a remote worker since the beginning of the pandemic. 

It can be harder to control whether or not employee computers are patched/updated and have proper web and email security when they’re spread across worker homes.

One way to ensure a consistent remote worker security strategy is to use managed IT services.

Packages can be tailed to your needs to include several important cybersecurity safeguards, such as:

  • Managed patches and updates
  • Managed antivirus/anti-malware
  • Web filtering to block malicious sites
  • Email phishing and spam protection
  • Network monitoring for any potential breaches

Ensure Your Data is Properly Backed Up

Companies using a remote workforce can end up with their data being stored across multiple devices in multiple locations. Without a remote backup and recovery strategy in place, data could be lost for various reasons:

  • A worker leaves the company and doesn’t transfer all their work files 
  • Hard drive crash
  • Accidental deletion
  • Ransomware or malware
  • Disaster that destroys a computer or mobile device

Using managed backup and recovery services through a trusted Fresno IT partner can ensure that no matter where your employees are working, your business always has a complete copy of all your data.

At-Home Workers Have an Ally

One of the issues that has cropped up with the rise in remote and freelance workers has been the “stranded worker” feeling. People working at home independently can often feel stranded on an island by themselves without much support.

This can leave them struggling with technology questions or roadblocks and unsure where to turn when they have a problem.

Having an ally through a managed IT services relationship provides at-home workers with dedicated support that they can go to whenever they need it.

Freelancers can get help with expert productivity hacks so they can do more work in less time. Remote workers know where they can turn if they receive suspicious email or just need help setting up a new business tool.

The support of an IT pro that has your back can make that “island” of working at home seem a lot less lonely.

Tailor Your Remote/Freelance IT Support Package Today!

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