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How Technology Can Help Your Therapy and Counseling Practice 

counselor talking to patient

As technology advances, the way we treat patients and offer counseling services has experienced significant changes. In 2022, 87% of all mental-health-related appointments were conducted online, a significant shift that doesn’t show any sign of stopping. Healthcare IT support is now more important than ever as medical professionals look for ways to better access, track, […]

7 Tips For Increasing Productivity in Your Manufacturing Business With IT Solutions

manager using laptop to increase productivity in manufacturing

The key word everyone is trying to achieve in this day and age is productivity. But what many businesses don’t realize is the impact IT solutions have on productivity in manufacturing. Today, businesses need to utilize the latest technology to keep up with their competition and remain successful. Here are seven tips for increasing productivity […]

Top IT Challenges in Local Government and How Managed IT Services Can Help Tackle Them

IT services professional working in an office on a computer with multiple screens

As technology continues to evolve and become more advanced, local government IT departments are facing increasing challenges in managing IT operations. But keeping up with the demands is difficult when one-third of local government IT systems are outdated and broken. With the demand for secure IT systems that can handle large amounts of data and […]

What is a Managed Service Provider (MSP) and Can it Add Value to Your Company

managed service provider fixing server

As businesses adopt more and more technology, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep up with the maintenance and management of this technology. Many types of risks come along with not keeping up with technology, including data breaches, downtime, and compliance issues. There are also costly and time-consuming processes associated with managing technology, such as maintenance, […]

4 Reasons Managed IT Services are Vital for Freelancers & Remote Employees

4 Reasons Managed IT Services are Vital for Freelancers & Remote Employees

The workforce has gone through a big transformation over the last few years, which has been accelerated by the pandemic. This transformation includes a “work from anywhere” transition for businesses and a move to more freelancing. Some statistics that illustrate this change in how and where we work are: 74% of organizations plan to shift employees […]

Partnering with an Outsourced IT Company Can Help Improve Productivity & Profitability

Partnering with an Outsourced IT Company Can Help Improve Productivity & Profitability

Are you trying to handle your technology yourself because you’re trying to save money? You could actually be holding your business back from stronger profits. That’s because technology is now at the heart of just about every single business process. So, if it’s not as efficient as possible, it shows up in a number of […]

How Can I See If My Personal Details are for Sale on the Dark Web?

In the digital age, personal information has become currency. Credit card details, login credentials, social security numbers… they’re all for sale in a shady marketplace that can’t be found on the standard world wide web that you’re used to browsing.