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5 Simple But Effective Ways to Improve Your Cybersecurity

employee learning about cybersecurity best practices on laptop

If you’re asked about your company’s cybersecurity, your first thought might be that your cybersecurity team can handle everything themselves—after all, that’s what they’re hired for, right? While it’s true that IT support is advantageous—businesses with a dedicated cybersecurity team can identify and contain a data breach 54 days faster than businesses without one—there are […]

How Technology Can Help Your Therapy and Counseling Practice 

counselor talking to patient

As technology advances, the way we treat patients and offer counseling services has experienced significant changes. In 2022, 87% of all mental-health-related appointments were conducted online, a significant shift that doesn’t show any sign of stopping. Healthcare IT support is now more important than ever as medical professionals look for ways to better access, track, […]

How IT Solutions Can Transform Your Nonprofit Organization

people volunteering and using it for nonprofit

Nonprofits face a multitude of obstacles when it comes to running a successful organization. From limited resources to complex operational requirements, many nonprofits struggle with outdated IT systems that hinder their ability to meet their mission and goals. For this reason, IT for nonprofits is a must. To succeed, you’ll need IT solutions that are […]

5 Reasons Why You Should Migrate Your Law Firm to the Cloud

lawyer using a computer when migrating to the cloud

It is predicted that by 2025, 85% of businesses will have cloud-first storage. The adoption rate for the cloud has been unmatched, but some companies might still be having a hard time making the switch. If you’ve been considering migrating to the cloud for your law firm, now is the time! Here are five reasons […]

7 Tips For Increasing Productivity in Your Manufacturing Business With IT Solutions

manager using laptop to increase productivity in manufacturing

The key word everyone is trying to achieve in this day and age is productivity. But what many businesses don’t realize is the impact IT solutions have on productivity in manufacturing. Today, businesses need to utilize the latest technology to keep up with their competition and remain successful. Here are seven tips for increasing productivity […]

Cloud Storage Security: How to Keep Your Accounting Firm’s Data Secure in the Cloud

cloud security

Cybercriminals are infamous for their creative solutions when hacking data and triggering business chaos. When cybercriminals manage to break into systems, businesses face serious consequences such as data breaches, financial losses, damaged reputations, and loss of customer trust. Accounting firms are not exempt from these attacks or consequences. Around 75% of surveyed accounting firms stated […]

Top 10 Best Practices for Email Security

email security warning on keyboard

Email is one of the most commonly used forms of communication today. It’s also one of the most vulnerable. Cyber attackers can easily gain access to your email account and read your messages, or even worse, they can use your email account to send spam or malicious links to your contacts. That’s why it’s important […]

What is a Managed Service Provider (MSP) and Can it Add Value to Your Company

managed service provider fixing server

As businesses adopt more and more technology, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep up with the maintenance and management of this technology. Many types of risks come along with not keeping up with technology, including data breaches, downtime, and compliance issues. There are also costly and time-consuming processes associated with managing technology, such as maintenance, […]