How to Tell the Difference Between “Just Good” and “Awesome!” IT Services

How to Tell the Difference Between “Just Good” and “Awesome!” IT Services Having solid and reliable IT services for your company’s technology infrastructure isn’t just important these days, it’s a crucial part of your growth and success. Technology plays such a critical role in any business that when it’s not running smoothly, profit can go out the window with loss in productivity and not being able to properly take care of customers. You can find several IT service companies in and around the Fresno area, but they’re definitely not all created equal. Some are “okay” and will provide you with the basics, but the ones that will really help your company the most and act as a partner for your success are the “Great/Awesome” ones. So, how do you know the difference? How do you choose the IT service that’s going to elevate your IT to new possibilities? At Unity IT we know a thing or two about being an awesome IT service company because we’ve spent years honing our craft and going the extra mile for our clients. No other IT consulting firm in Fresno, Visalia, Clovis and Madera can touch our fast response time, range of experience, quality customer service and truly unlimited support. If you’re looking for a tech service provider that’s going to be better than just good, read on for the tell-tale signs of “good” and “AWESOME” to help you identify the difference.

How to Find an Amazing IT Service Company

Just like having the right car mechanic is important to having reliable transportation and saving money on repairs and maintenance, having the right IT company is vital to the wellbeing of your business and for your business growth. 50% of IT investments made by small businesses through 2020 will be for business growth rather than cost reduction. (GetApp) Companies have realized that IT isn’t just a maintenance cost, it’s an investment in current and future business prosperity and wellbeing. By 2021, 70% of employee workloads will be through technology-based cloud services, putting even more importance on having a healthy IT infrastructure. You don’t want to find out the IT company you’ve just hired is only “so-so” after you’re left unsatisfied after their visit and shelling out a lot of money. There are several signs you can look for before you choose an IT provider that will help you identify one of the great ones. Here are how “Good” and “Great” companies handle things a bit differently.

Customized Support

Just Good IT Service: They limit the amount of services they offer and might not work on certain types of operating systems (like iOS). If you need something outside their set support options, like help with IT during an office move, you may have to go elsewhere. Awesome IT Service: Whatever you need in the IT universe, they’ll do it. A great IT company goes the extra mile to give you whatever services you need… Help Desk, Moves, Upgrades, Custom IT Builds. At Unity IT we call our managed services plans “Unlimited” because they really are!

Hours of Availability

Just Good IT Service: They will typically have “banker’s hours” and be available during the traditional workday, and not on weekends. The problem is that the traditional workday has changed dramatically thanks to technology and the ability to hire remote workers. So, they may not be available when you need them. Awesome IT Service: An awesome IT company will be there when you need them, even at midnight on a Saturday (like we are!) and won’t charge you extra for evening or weekend IT support. They just want to be there when an issue arises, so you can get back to your day (or night).

Trust & Integrity

Just Good IT Service: They may tell you they’re a trusted IT professional, and they might be, but do they have actions or experience that backs up those words? Just so-so companies won’t do background checks on employees or go the extra mile to back up why you should trust them. Awesome IT Service: Extensive background checks are the norm at great IT companies. At Unity IT we back up our trust and integrity not only with background checks for every single technician, but also a security clearance process. We also work regularly with many local Fresno law enforcement agencies.

Do Their Customers Stick Around & Say Good Things?

Just Good IT Service: If a company is just okay then you may not find many customer testimonials that mention how long they’ve been working with them (because it won’t be long). IT service that is “less than” also usually garners very short and non-detailed reviews, like “Good service,” so that’s a tell-tale sign they’re mediocre. Awesome IT Service: You can quickly get an indication that an IT company is going to be great for you by reading their IT customer testimonials. They’ll mention length of time working with them, like “During the past five years they’ve provided excellent technical expertise.” They will also tend to be more detailed, mentioning issues their staff faced and how their IT partner came to the rescue.

Looking for an Awesome IT Service Provider?

Check out Unity IT, and we think you’ll find that your search for that awesome IT provider is over. We’re proud to have long-term relationships with multiple Fresno, CA area organizations and we work daily to elevate them and their IT to new heights. Find out about our affordable hourly IT and managed services plans today! Call 559-297-1007 or contact us online anytime.