What’s New in Windows Most Recent 1903 Update? (Get a Full Rundown Here)

What's New in Windows Most Recent 1903 Update? (Get a Full Rundown Here) Some Windows updates come quietly and improve things behind the scenes that don’t really show up on the user interface, then there are those that give us new features and improvements that totally make our day. The most recent Windows update, 1903, is the kind that brings some cool some user features that can improve your workflow, along with speed and security improvements and more control over when large updates download. While the Windows 10 1903 update is also referred to as the May 2019 update, you may not have seen it prompting download on your PC until June, July or August, due to a rolling schedule where an update is spread out over users over time. Many Fresno businesses use managed IT services to ensure all their computers are updated properly without any hitches. For example, when this update first was released it had some initial problems (now fixed) with Bluetooth device connections, the Camera app, and Intel audio displays. All issues that IT pros can alert you to and help you navigate when updating your PCs to avoid user complaints. Here’s a summary of the important new features in the latest Windows 10 update, so you can take full advantage of the expanded capabilities.

Top Features Rolled Out in the Newest Windows 10 Update

This 1903 Windows 10 update covers several areas of PC use from the fun to the secure, including making it easier to use emojis to express yourself and launching a new Windows Sandbox tool (Pro & Enterprise) to safely test programs. We’ll start with some of the productivity and fun features first, then go into those that help with security, speed, and more.

Easier “Master Search” Feature

The search bar in Windows 10 now gives you the ability to do one search that brings all possible options together. For example, search “wi-fi” and you’ll get options that include:
  • Apps on your computer
  • Options in your settings dealing with wi-fi
  • Apps in the Microsoft Store
  • Web search options
  • Documents on your computer with “wi-fi” in the name
  • Emails related to wi-fi
  • …and more

Use a Keyboard Command to Add Emojis

It’s easier than ever to get access to your emojis panel. Just press the Windows Key and . (period) and the panel will open. You can also use kaomojis to make faces with text, and symbols.

Personalize Your Colors and Choose “Light Mode”

An earlier windows update brought Dark Mode and now you also have the option for a Light Mode as well as the opportunity to control how your apps look by adding custom colors. Just press the Windows key, then type “color settings” in the search bar to get to the settings area.

Color Filters for Color or Light Sensitivity

A new accessibility feature offers the ability to turn on Color Filters for those that have color blindness or light sensitivity.  It helps makes the colors on your screen easier to see. Click the Windows key and type “color filters” into the search bar to get to the settings.

Gain Control Over When Updates Download and Install

Rather than being rudely interrupted in the middle of your work with a major Windows auto update, you’ll now be given the option to schedule when you’d like to have the update installed. And if you’re “update averse” you’ll be able to delay the update until it’s no longer supported by security updates, which is typically 18 months after release. When that happens, you’ll be forced to update to ensure proper security.

Spectre Fixes Result in Speed Improvements

This is one of those more technical updates that was actually done to patch vulnerabilities for Spectre, a design flaw in CPUs that made PCs vulnerable to attacks. Previous fixes caused slower performance, but in this newer update, those performance penalties have been reversed, meaning users should see faster performance. (For those that love tech details, you can find them here.)

Windows Sandboxing for Pro & Enterprise Users

A big safety feature introduced for Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise users is the new Windows Sandbox. This allows you to launch an isolated, temporary desktop environment to run a questionable application, without it harming your PC. The program stays isolated in the sandbox while being executed and closing the sandbox automatically deletes the software and its files. This significantly reduces the risk of harming your system with a flawed program or one that has a virus, by allowing you to evaluative it in safe environment before installing it on your PC.

Android Phone Screen Mirroring

One of the favorite past updates of Android users was the ability to connect their phone to their Windows 10 PC with the Your Phone app and text from their computer, share images, and more. Users now have the ability to mirror your phone’s screen on your computer and access the content, like texts, photos, notifications, and more.

Uninstall More Built-in Apps

Not everyone loves the built-in apps that come in Windows 10. Microsoft is now allowing you to uninstall more of those apps that were locked-in previously. You now have the option to uninstall these built-in apps:
  • 3D Viewer
  • Calculator
  • Calendar
  • Groove Music
  • Mail
  • Movies & TV
  • Paint 3D
  • Snip & Sketch
  • Sticky Notes
  • Voice Recorder

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