Partnering with an Outsourced IT Company Can Help Improve Productivity & Profitability

Partnering with an Outsourced IT Company Can Help Improve Productivity & Profitability

Are you trying to handle your technology yourself because you’re trying to save money? You could actually be holding your business back from stronger profits.

That’s because technology is now at the heart of just about every single business process. So, if it’s not as efficient as possible, it shows up in a number of bottom-line items, including slower customer service, productivity that lags behind what it should, and falling behind your competition.

What does the digital divide look like when comparing technologically optimized small businesses to those that aren’t on top of their IT infrastructure? Here are a few eye-opening statistics illustrating the importance of digital advancement to a company’s bottom line.

Small and medium businesses taking full advantage of their digital tools are:

  • 3x more likely to experience revenue growth
  • 2x as profitable
  • 3x more likely to experience customer growth
  • Experiencing growth that tends to be 2x as high

So how do you go from just getting by with your IT, to taking full advantage of it to increase profitability and revenue?

Working with an outsourced IT provider is the answer. 

Ways that an IT Provider Helps Your Business Get Ahead  

IT providers do much more than just repair and maintain computers and other technology. From guiding a digital transformation to helping you avoid a cyberattack, they’re a resource that allows you to completely focus on growing your business by ensuring your technology is fully supporting your needs.

At Unity IT, we offer multiple support services for our Fresno area clients that are all designed to improve efficiency, expand capabilities, and reduce costs.

Here are several ways that working with an IT provider can significantly improve your bottom line.

Reducing Software Redundancies

Businesses use an average of 5 different cloud platforms. One thing that happens as companies start using the cloud more over time, is they end up choosing cloud services that don’t particularly go together.

This can often lead to redundant processes as well as rework having to transfer data manually between platforms.

An IT pro can offer expert IT consulting that helps you streamline your cloud solutions, so you’re eliminating redundancy, incompatibility, and unneeded costs.

Reduce Unexpected Downtime

Downtime is one of the biggest technology related costs that a company can have. When you’re not proactively maintaining your technology, it can mean hard drive crashes, software issues, or other problems that lead to costly downtime.

Downtimes costs businesses an average of $10,000 per hour.

Signing up for a managed IT services plan helps you avoid costly downtime because you have a professional team that is actively managing and monitoring your technology infrastructure. We head off any issues before they result in downtime.

Improves Team Productivity

When employees are working with inefficient work processes or with computers that are slowing them down, that’s your business productivity that suffers and it has a direct impact on your bottom line.

Employees struggling with IT issues for just 20 minutes a day can lose nearly an entire workday each month.

An outsourced IT Pro helps your team stay productive in several ways:

  • Fast technical support
  • Maintain & tune-up their devices
  • Guidance on replacing manual processes with automated ones
  • User training
  • Remote IT support

Reduces Risk of Data Breach

Companies face all types of online threats, including malware, ransomware, viruses, stolen login credentials, and data breaches. Trying to stay on top of proper cybersecurity for network, desktop, cloud data, and mobile devices is a tall order for any business.

An IT professional provides critical security support that includes things like handling all updates and security patches, managing your antivirus, and offering email security to keep phishing emails out of user inboxes.

Improves Your Business Resiliency

There are multiple events that can put your business in danger. These include things like natural disasters, pandemics, ransomware attacks, and massive data loss. Any of these events can cause a company to be closed for weeks, and possibly never recover, if they’re unprepared.

Working with an outsourced IT pro can help you be ready for anything. They’ll help you with a business continuity strategy that can do things like use virtualization and cloud-based phone systems to allow your company to continue running even if you can’t use your physical office.

Allows You to Stay Focused on Your Business

When you can stay laser focused on your company, you’re going to do better. If you’re having to put out IT fires, it takes your team’s attention away from growing your business and can cause stagnation.

An IT Pro can take all technology issues off your shoulders and allow you and your employees to fully focus on your company knowing that your IT will be helping you soar rather than holding you back.

Get Peace of Mind with Managed Services from Unity IT

When you have a relationship with a professional you can count on to handle your IT, your whole world changes. Your business can prosper, and you can rest easy knowing your data is secure and devices well maintained.

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