Cloud Storage Security: How to Keep Your Accounting Firm’s Data Secure in the Cloud

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Cybercriminals are infamous for their creative solutions when hacking data and triggering business chaos. When cybercriminals manage to break into systems, businesses face serious consequences such as data breaches, financial losses, damaged reputations, and loss of customer trust.

Accounting firms are not exempt from these attacks or consequences. Around 75% of surveyed accounting firms stated they would only survive between 3 to 7 days after a cyber attack. To keep data safe, storing data in the cloud storage is essential for any accounting firm. Learn how cloud storage security will help to keep your sensitive data protected from malicious actors.

Accounting Firms Are a Major Target for Cybercriminals

Accounting firms have an enormous amount of sensitive data from a variety of businesses and individuals that must be kept secure. Cybercriminals know this, and they are constantly seeking to hack into the systems of accounting firms.

According to the PWS 2021 report, “The financial services entities consistently ranked in the top three most-affected sectors,” meaning accounting firms must take proactive measures to protect their data.

Accounting firms often use similar, outdated software to store their data. Cybercriminals know this and will try to target those firms. Fortunately, accounting firms can find data protection in the cloud through cloud storage security to keep their data and their clients’ confidential information secure.

What Is Cloud Storage Security?

Cloud storage security is the process of protecting cloud-based data from unauthorized access, modification, or deletion. It involves using encryption, authentication systems, and other measures to ensure that only authorized users can access cloud-based data.

Cloud storage also includes measures such as rigorous user authentication protocols, two-factor authentication methods, and multi-layer encryption. These features work together to protect your data from falling into the hands of malicious actors.

Is Cloud Storage Safe for My Accounting Firm?

Yes! Cloud storage is a secure solution for any business. With cloud storage, the cloud service provider encrypts data and stores it in multiple locations to maximize security. They also provide regular backups of data, which can help if there is ever a breach or virus attack on your systems.

Cloud storage providers are constantly improving their security protocols and investing in new technologies to ensure the safety of your data.

How You Can Keep Your Data Safe Using Cloud Storage Security

Accounting firms need to take cloud storage seriously if they want to keep their data safe and secure, especially since they are a major target for cybercriminals. Here are some tips on how accounting firms can ensure cloud security:

Utilize Cloud Security Features

Cloud providers offer many different features to ensure secure cloud storage, such as multi-factor authentication, encryption of data in transit and at rest, access control lists (ACLs), and virtual private cloud (VPC) isolation.

Restrict User Access

Set up cloud access control lists (ACLs) by only allowing certain people or groups to access cloud-stored data.

Establish a Data Policy

Accounting firms need to have a clear understanding of exactly who has access to cloud-stored data and what types of activities are acceptable. Establishing a data policy will keep your cloud storage secure.

Regularly Back Up Data

Cloud providers offer automated cloud backup for added security that will make it easier for your firms to recover lost data or data stolen from a data breach.

Educate Your Team

Cloud storage security also involves educating employees on best practices for cloud security. This includes teaching them about the importance of strong passwords, how to recognize phishing attempts, and more.

Secure Your Accounting Firm with Unity IT

At Unity IT, we specialize in IT support for accounting firms. We know how crucial keeping your firm safe and secure is, and cloud security is just one of the many ways we can help you protect your confidential data.

Our cloud hosting solutions use advanced cloud security measures to prevent data loss or theft while enabling you to take advantage of cloud computing capabilities. In addition to the cloud, we offer network security, maintenance and monitoring, backup and recovery, and more.
Our security experts will even work with you to ensure the safety of your firm and will customize cloud security solutions that are right for your business. Schedule a free consultation today to learn more about how you can use cloud storage to protect your accounting firm.